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  1. 1999. 11 Completion of Library Extension project
    7 Ground Floor, second basement
    Existing area4,901㎡(1,483pyeong)
    Extension area1,603㎡(485pyeong)
    Total area6,505㎡(1,968pyeong)
  2. 1999. 08 Doangtang Technical High School Building expansion of previously
    (10,293㎡ increase)
  3. 1999. 08Acting Dean, Vice Dean Lee Dong-soo
  4. 1999. 04 Signed cooperation agreements customized education consortium
    operating(Geoje university, Dearim university, Daejon University,
    Yeonam industry university, Ulsan Science university
  5. 1999. 03 Establishment of sisterhood International University- BCIT, Canada
  6. 1999. 03 Department of Construction and construction engineering /
    architectural design major operations
  7. 1999. 03 University Headquarters reorganization
    Abolition of Academic Cooperation Centre established cooperation
    administration, student service center and the Registrar's Office to
    integrate with Education Division
  8. 1998. 11 National Medical Center College of Nursing, Soongeui Women's College and educational cooperation agreements signed
  9. 1998. 09 Guro-gu Office, Dongyang Technical College agreements signed
  10. 1998. 08 Dongyang Technical College
    - the 52nd Infantry Division of the agreements signed
  11. 1998. 08Cho Sung-hwan inaugural dean
  12. 1998. 05Acting Dean, Provost Jeong wanseop
  13. 1998. 03 Electrical, electronic, electronic communications and the electronicsand communication engineering (electrical, power electronics, electronics, semiconductor, radio communications, information and communication majors) reorganized
    Office automation majors abolished in Computerized Business Technology Engineering, creator a department of Technology Management, Multimedia.
    The total quota 244 people
  14. 1998. 01 Reorganization of the university headquarters in 1 room 3 processing system(Student service center, the Registrar's Office, Planning Department, the Secretariat)
  15. 1998. 01 Attached facilities an expanded reorganization
    Reorganized Cooperation Information Center
    Reorganization of the Technical Support in Educational Technology Center
    Reorganization the Computer Center in the Central Computer Center Reorganize Computerized office automation, management Information Department, Information nternet department Engineering Computational Technology Management((Electronic computers, office automation, management information systems of major Internet)
  16. 1997. 03The total quota 2,440 people
  17. 1997. 03Established department of Internet Information
  18. 1997. 01Humanities and Education Institute, Foreign Language Education Institute launched
  19. 1996. 11Multimedia information center, Industry university information center established
  20. 1996. 11Established department of Internet Information
  21. 1996. 11Department of Information Management change to Management Information Systems
  22. 1996. 02Dean Inauguration Ahn Kyouhwen
  23. 1995. 10Department of Management Information established
  24. 1993. 09Changes to computerized office automation
  25. 1993. 02 Building completed expansion
    2 underground floors, 5 ground floors, ,901.36㎡(Libraries, laboratories)
  26. 1992. 07 International University sisterhood relationship
    Milwaukee Area Technical College. U.S.A
    Auckland Institute of Technology, New Zealand
    Gifu National College of Technology, Japan
  27. 1991. 11Department of Communication change to electronic communication