Various scholarships

  • 30% of tuition fee will be given as scholarships to international students who are studying at their own expenses However, it will be given only if the previous semester grades are 1.5 or better.
  • Various scholarships such as merit based scholarships, achievement scholarships will be given.
Type of Scholarships Beneficiary Requirements Scholarships amounts and ratios
Merit Scholarships Students who got excellent grades in the top 8% of phosphorus during the last semester First place: 100% of tuition, 2, and 80% of the tuition fee

3rd prize: 60% of tuition fees, etc. 4 or less: 50% of tuition fees
Achievement Scholarships Those who enhanced the reputation of the university by achieving great results in external events, contests, competitions, etc. ₩ 500,000 for the first prize,
₩ 300,000 for the second prize
and ₩ 200,000 for the third prize,
Others ₩ 50,000
Work Scholarships Those who work in each faculty or the administration department (but their grades should be 2.0 or better)
Public Relations
Assistant Scholarships
Here are the instructions on internal and external events and promotions in schools Designated amount per assistant type
Family Scholarship When two or more among parents, brothers and sisters simultaneously attend our university (but their grades should be 2.0 or better) 30% of the tuition fee
Tutoring Scholarship Paid to the tutor of the Learning Assistance Program

The Free Dormitory

  • Free dormitories for the international students during enrollment period. (However, the cost of electricity, water, etc. is on their own expense)
  • The dorm holds 20 rooms for freshmen, 2-3 students per room, and students will be allocated in accordance with our college dorm assignment criteria.