Contents Date Remark
2017.11.7(Tue) 09:00 ~
2017.11.20(Mon) until 17:00
ㆍ Reception : Admissions Team
(Hyosung Building No. 403)
※ Online application, mail can not be accepted
Announcing Successful Applicants 2017.12.8(Fri) 16:00 schedule Admissions website (not individually notified)
Acceptance letter and registration
confirmation deposit NOTICE output
2017.12.8(Fri) ~ 2017.12.21(Thu) Print from admissions homepage
Registration confirmation deposit
2017.12.18(Mon) ~
2017.12.21(Thu) until 16:00
ㆍ Registration confirmation deposit : 200,000 Won
ㆍ Payment by Kookmin Bank
The remaining tuition bill output 2018.2.6(Tue) ~ 2018.2.9(Fri) Print from admissions homepage
The remaining tuition payment 2018.2.7(Wen) ~
2018.2.9(Fri) until 16:00
Payment by Kookmin Bank

※ Please check the applicants' note for details before applying.