Division Whole Curriculum
complete a foreigner
foreigner Exchange
Application Form (Note [Form 1]) Our university form
A Letter of Self Introduction for Foreign Applicants (Note [Form 2]) Our university form
High school transcripts (original) 1 copy
High School Graduation (scheduled) Certificate (original) 1 copy
Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) or
The Korean language course certificate of
completion for more than 6 months
at the domestic and overseas
training institutions
(Including transcripts) or
college graduate certificate (original)

Relevant applicants

Relevant applicants
agencies or
training institutions
Documents proving family relationships
(original) 1 copy (Proof about nationality and family
relations of applicants and their parents)
Immigration certificate

Only domestic residents
Passport and identity card (copy)

Your country
Alien registration card in the country
(holders only)


Immigration Office
Documents proving financial capacity
(issued within the last 6 months)

- Certificate of deposit (1 month or more deposits continued)
of USD $ 13,000 or more, applicant's or
parents' at home and abroad or domestic remittance /
exchange certificate of USD $ 13,000

- In case of recipients of scholarship
(tuition and living expenses)
from other universities, the embassy, etc.
replace documents proving financial capacity with
documents of tuition support form supporting institutions
The institution
Medical Report(TB risk countries: 16) The institution
Medical insurance certificate The institution
  • All documents shall be submitted in the most recent and original form, and the original form will be return at your request
  • When documents are submitted in a foreign language other than English, a translator certification and translation are required (notary is not required.)
  • High School Graduation (scheduled) Certificate and Transcripts must be submitted in one the 3 ways below
    - Identification documents (education etc.) that received Apostille's confirmation
    - Identification documents confirmed by the Korean consul at the country where the applicant's school is located or the official residence consul stationed in Korea
    - Certification reports such as the degree issued from the Accreditation Center operated by the Ministry of Education in China
    ※ If you have acquired a degree (career) from a local university, the degree certificate (diploma) must be submitted (additional documents may be required for eligibility verification, etc.)
  • To-be high school graduates must submit the Graduate Certificate before February 26th, 2015 after graduation, and rejected if not submitted
  • If application eligibility is clear such as a foreign government-sponsored scholarship student, the submission may be omitted
  • If you have graduated from domestic college, high school transcripts and certificates may be omitted
  • In case of family relationship documents, they should verify the family relationship between the applicant and parents (However, 21 countries the Minister of Justice announced are required to submit the documents according to below, and must include data that shows the English name of the parent)
< Countries announced by the Attorney General >

China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru (21 countries in total)
< Documents proving family relationships: example >

China: Chinsok Relations Certificate (亲属 关系 证明) and hogubu (居民 户口簿),
Philippines: Family Census, Indonesia: Family Relations Certificate (KARTU KELUARGA),
Bangladesh: How jeommeo kkeojeu or jeomma ssayideu ticket,
Vietnam: hojeokbu (So Ho Khau ) or birth certificate (Giay khai sinh),
Mongolia: kinship certificate, Pakistan: Family Certificate,
Sri Lanka: Bar ulreo stand typhimurium Kate,
Myanmar: certificate of family relations (taung investigation Ying Yen),
Nepal: jeonma sweet, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.
Thailand Uzbekistan Ukraine: birth certificate
  • Health Certificate should be submitted in case of the applicants from the following nations that have high risk of tuberculosis
< Countries with high risk of TB >

China, Sri Lanka, Russia (Federation), Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia
  • Medical insurance certificate must be submitted in the form of a medical insurance certificate that includes the insurance period from domestic and foreign insurance companies (Health insurance, private insurance, domestic insurance can be submitted)