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DMU School of Business Administration operates five professional bachelor's degree processes of management, marketing and distribution, accounting and taxation, tourism management, and e- business, and a 4-year bachelor's degree process, the Department of Business Administration. It is trying its best for expanding employment opportunities through strengthening professional vocational education each major. This department focuses on strengthening global competitiveness through securing outstanding professors with industrial experiences, owning state-of-art computational laboratories, operating customized training courses that enterprises require, second language education taught by native professors, and operating education programs abroad.

Dept. of Business Administration

Decision problems that modern organizations face requires more than management skills. Complex decision-making tasks also requires help from many disciplines. Therefore, the goal of this training curriculum is, based on knowledge in business administration, to meet the needs of modern enterprises by teaching students computers for scientific decisions, industries, technologies, and start-up courses for management and to teach students on-site management skills.

Dept. of Accounting & Taxation

The accounting and tax accounting shows a very serious gap between the experts and amateurs. Accounting and tax standard calculation should be done by rules according to IFRS (IFRS included) and tax laws, and the financial statements and tax reporting should be done by exact calculation. Thus, its educational goal is to give students the most effective way with a systematic curriculum.

Dept. of Marketing & Distribution

Due to acceleration of advancement of the industry, the marketplace of globalization, and the diversified needs of customers, the importance of various kinds of marketing activities such as circulation, distribution, advertising, and PR is getting heavier. In such circumstances, demands for professional management agents in circulation and service enterprises, new circulation business professionals, advertising & distribution professionals, marketing planning or circulation professionals in public and private companies, and franchises. Its goal is to nurture such professionals.

Dept. of Tourism & Convention

This department nurtures manpower with tourism related expertise and practical skills of such expertise in order for them to provide tourism information and service. For this, the two important points are language education (English and Japanese) ,and acquirement of tourism related expertise and practical skills about service.
This departments' merits are practice-oriented project-type classes, faculty with abundant practical skills, both online and offline media integration, and awards from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Hangul Design Competition, KOSAC 3 times.

Dept. of Management Information

The goal of the Department of E- business is to make synergy by combining real world and virtual world based on the information and communication technologies such as internet. Students in this department learn management procedures required for general management skills and methods of e- business planning and operational practices in using a variety of Internet-based device. This department nurtures professional technicians who can effectively utilize the e- business systems in activities of buying, managing, and selling products or services.

Dept. of Business Administration (Bachelor's degree)

Decision problems that modern organizations face require more than management knowledge .Complex decision-making tasks also require the help of many disciplines. Therefore, educational goals of the curriculum is to teach students who graduated school of management, like management, marketing & distribution, and accounting & taxation major more deeply about management knowledge in the professional bachelor's degree progress. In addition, its goal is to allow students to grow into manpower who exercise management capabilities based on the industry or business site.

Department Office

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