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School of Data Processing operates professional bachelor's degree process of the Department Internet Information (3 years) and the Department of Internet Information (2 years) based on IT technologies, and bachelor's degree process of the Department of Software Information (1 year). Curriculums of each department is operated to keep up with new industrial society technologies through interactions. The goal of School of Data Processing is to nurture manpower with technologies used in developing digital technology-based intelligent society, through internet and mobile communication. For this goal, it is nurturing competitive manpower in IT fields who will lead digital welfare state era, U-Korea, Smart technology Korea era through application development training according to embedded intelligent software development and business models.

Dept. of Computer Software Engineering (3 years)

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The goals of the Department of Software Information are developing next-generation software such as wireless internet solution development centered on system programming, database, network programming, and cellular phones, and nurturing manpower for embedded software development with analysis technology. Such embedded software development technology is expected to lead information and communication industries which is the center of the future industry organization, as the core field leading the ubiquitous era where IT technology is fused with all objects and devices.

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This department operates educational processes for project-based embedded software development such as web programming, device programming, database programming, network programming, mobile programming, etc., based on programming language such as JAVA, C, VC++, PHP, etc., and information system basic theories such as computer systems, network, dataset, data organization, algorithm, etc.

Dept. of Computer Information Engineering (2 years)

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The goal of this department is to nurture professional wired / wireless internet manpower with practice-oriented technologies in the mobile internet fields which include the latest web developing technologies and smartphone programming, etc. Wired / wireless internet is now the foundation technology of the IT fields, and its potential is endless in that it has a huge potential of development. Even the government is pushing ahead strategies that expand IT fields' area to all industries, and among technologies, internet technology is the most important one. This department has abundant technical demands, and provides training to nurture professionals in programming, contents development, plans, management, etc. in the wired / wireless internet fields which will become the essential vocational field.

The main educational content image The main educational content

Smartphones programming for developing smartphone applications / Wired and Wireless Web programming skills to learn wired and wireless Internet S / W Development / Mini project development including Internet system management including network and database / Internet planning, content creation, application development, etc.

Dept. of Computer Software Engineering (1-year-Bachelor's degree)

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Software is the center of the system called fusion, intelligence, and smart, and the Department of Software Information nurtures professional software developers who will be placed in smartphones, fusion systems, intelligence systems, and green systems. In the bachelor's degree, the goal is to nurture high-quality software development manpower with software development analysis technology, and to teach students develop problem solving and task executing skills through a variety of project tasks.

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Smartphone application development, practical system projects, engineering and business administration, technical writing practice

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Possible to earn a bachelor's degree after completing 1-year process. Applicants among graduates are given admission to a master's degree.

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