성실, 근검, 박애 성실, 근검, 박애


積財千萬不如薄技在身: 몸에 지닌 작은 기술이 천만금의 재산보다 낫다 積財千萬不如薄技在身: 몸에 지닌 작은 기술이 천만금의 재산보다 낫다

Under the belief that only technology can contribute to the nation's economical development, the University started in 1965 as the Dongyang Technical Senior High School, and a quarter of a century has passed since then. With the spirit, ‘A technical skill is worth greater than millions of money,' we are putting lots of efforts into experimental and practical training. Also, we are trying to produce competent professionals who can adapt to industries through active academic-industrial cooperation and internships with interrelated and related companies (Chairman Seukrae Jo)

Pursuit of Human

참된인간, 슬기로운 기술인, 봉사하는 일꾼이 추구하는 인간상 참된인간, 슬기로운 기술인, 봉사하는 일꾼이 추구하는 인간상

Educational objectives

We teach specialized knowledge and technologies for the industries and
strengthen personality education for students to have sound professional
ethics. We foster creative and wise leading class professionals who will
contribute to national industrial development and serve the human community.