Eligibility Screening

When the applicants do not exceed the recruitment, if the applicant does not have any disqualification, select everyone. When the applicants exceed the recruitment, select applicants by conducting interview assessment (However, if the applicant seems to lack Korean language skills or lack of learning skills, the interview assessment can be conducted)

Interview Assessment

  • Implementation requirements : should be conducted only in the departments where the total number of applicants who do not have any disqualification exceeds the recruitment after eligibility screening.
  • Admission Schedule : Details for admission schedule will be posted on our website after the end of the entrance application
  • Assessment Methods
    - Assess the submitted document from the applicants first, and then carry out the interview
    - The evaluation committee is composed of 2~3 professors, including the Head of the Department
    - Unaccepted if any proof is missing or lacks information
    - Other details, please refer to our admisssion website
  • Assessment Items and Scoring
Rate this Entry Scoring Assessment Methods
Excellence in Motive 50points Studying abroad with government support by the convention, sisterhood-relationship agreement, and assessment of other things
Excellence in Korean
verbal skills
30points Evaluation of the Korean verbal skills
Adequacy of the
Korean Learning Skills
10points Evaluation of the Korean verbal skills
Excellence in the
academic plan after
10points Evaluation of specificity of the study plan after admission
Total 100points

※ Evaluation in 5 steps

  • Selection Method
    - Select the applicants in accordance with the interview score ranking
    ※ Interview Score = Total Score by Evaluation Committee /(divided by) number of members
    - During Initial Announcement, the priority waiting list can be posted on our website
    - After the registration deadline of the first successful candidates, any vacancy will be filled according to the priority waiting list order, and if we run out of pre-selected candidates, we do not select any more.
    - For candidates with the same score, selection will be based on the following ranking
Type 1 ranking 2 ranking
International Admissions Higher motive scores Higher Korean verbal skills

Common issues

  • If eligibility assessment or interview scores were significantly low, or the applicant lacks Korean or studying skills, they may not be selected regardless of the recruitment
  • Since this university's lectures are held in Korean, those who lack Koreans skills must note
  • Total vacancies after the rolling admission will be filled in the regular admission