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School of Living Environmental has features as a differentiated department through DMU's three development strategies: characterization, globalization, and pioneer spirit made for realization of DMU's visions, and plays an important role in development of knowledge-based service industries located in Southwest capital area. The Department of Architecture, as a metropolitan educational institute, operates a 3-year professional bachelor's degree process and 1-year bachelor's degree process to nurture manpower for green architecture. The Department of Biochemical Engineering operates a 2-year professional bachelor's degree process to nurture manpower for source analysis service in the petroleum basic chemicals production field. Also, the Department of Interior Environmental Design operates a 3-year professional bachelor's degree process to nurture manpower with creative design sense and practice-oriented skills. The Department of Visual Information Design operates a 2-year professional bachelor's degree process to nurture visual communication designers who can solve problems through creative thoughts and effective expressions.

Dept. of Biochemical Engineering

The Department of Biochemical Engineering is the technology field which is most closely related to the history of human civilization, and has the longest history among other main engineering fields such as electronic, electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, architecture, etc. Such traditional chemical industrial technologies have broadly changed and developed as the era demands in various ways nowadays, and make many parts of our lives abundant. Among new fields of such modern chemical industrial technology development is the field related to "biotechnology." Discovery of Watson-Crick DNA model in 1953 gave birth to biotechnology, and this new technological field includes not only adjacent basic science (biology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, and immunology) dimensional technologies, but also various technological problems such as effectively cultivating artificially reorganized organisms or technology used to effectively separating the target physiology activating substance from the culture medium. In order to solve such difficult problems, biotechnology is reborn as a new interdisciplinary fusion technology, grafting with modern chemical industrial technology. We, the Department of Biochemical Engineering of DMU, teaches and fuses biotechnology, which is a new technological field, with practical chemistry / chemical engineering which are the traditional technological fields. We get students fully prepared to deal with biotechnology boom which is about to arrive in Korea, by basically nurturing professional manpower who will broadly work in chemical industrial fields, and training heavily about basic theories and application of biotechnology which is a promising industry in the future. In this department, outstanding faculty and diligent students are trying hard together, with well-organized educational process and various experimental practice equipment.

Dept. of Architecture

Architecture is a comprehensive art of building structures. To create a beautiful, convenient and robust structure, many fields make a harmony. Therefore, in order for single building to stand, professional manpower is necessary in not only fields of architectural design, but also in the fields of structure, construction, and equipment. Recently, due to rapid technological development, population increase, and huge expansion of the city in quality and quantity, fields related to architecture are getting bigger. Demands for professional technicians are getting higher as CAD skills using computers, energy problems and areas related to the built environment and comfortable living environment, structure design for high-rise buildings, industrialized construction, construction management techniques for cost savings for the economic construction methods, building a state-of-the-art Intel get more and more specific and professional.

Dept. of Interior Environmental Design (3 years)

Interior design is a discipline that creates a pleasant, efficient, and beautiful space for human life, and in recent years with the rise of social interest in interior design, the industrial scale has been expanding rapidly. To keep pace with the demands of the era, this department operates a 3-year specialized education, aiming for nurturing manpower with creative design flair and practical skills. It has excellent faculty who can acquire new design theories and practical skills and future-oriented education programs, and state-of-art educational institutes to coper with the digital era. It has won Interior Architecture Prize of Republic of Korea, Environmental Design Competition Grand Prize of Republic of Korea, Korean Space War Coordination, and DGID Interior Architecture Grand prize, and conducts international exhibitions with foreign universities, including the UK.

Dept. of Visual Information Design (2 years)

The 21st century is knowledge, information and cultural industries community, and key factors in determining a country's competitiveness in the era of unlimited competition are an innovative knowledge and creativity. Design is at the heart of the demands of the era and change. The Department of Visual Design is the key in changes in design environment, and it the most future-oriented sector. Its goal is to nurture professional designers with originality, comprehensive creativity, and formative ability eligible for a new millennium of visual design. For this goal, it established education processes and management plans for effective management. Also it operates all training programs which are needed for students to adapt naturally to the changes and advances in new technology. Therefore, as students naturally learn designs and technologies needed for the society of knowledge, information and cultural industry, they can work in the fields of graphic design, advertising design, editorial design, web information design, multimedia design, digital graphic design, character design, package design, illustration, etc. after graduation.

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