Greetings, everyone.
Welcome all of you to DMU.

With the motto of "A technical skill is worth greater than millions of money" and the precepts of 'sincerity, thrifty, and philanthropy', Dongyang Mirae University has been a leading institute fostering professional specialists best suited to the needs of the industries. We have the vision of becoming the hub university of the vocational education in Asia. DMU has developed based on the favor from the community and the good reputations by the industries. The recent major results are as follows.

- recorded the best employment rate in the Seoul metropolitan area

- earned the fund from the Ministry of Education for the increasement of educational competency (for the 6 years in series)

- received the university accreditation from the Korea accreditation board for vocational higher education

- received the IEQAS (International Education Quality Assurance System) certification from the Ministry of Education

However, the current environmental situation is not friendly to Korean universities. It demands the higher educational institutions to make radical changes. Universities' survival competition will become more intense due to a big reduction of academic population. Also, ‘University Structural Reform' from the government is reestablishing university's function and role, and inducing qualitative improvement. It is the time to overcome the limit of quantitative growth. We should make our own way by specializing the university, developing practical contents for the education, and differentiating education methods.

In Knowledge and Information Based Society of 21st century, occupations appear and perish faster and even faster. Therefore, the status of community college, which is responsible for higher vocational education such as outplacement education, upgrading training, and re-education, will be reinforced even more. We, DMU, are to contribute to the local community and the national industries by providing education with high quality focused on internships to foster creative and wise professionals with right values and professional ethics.

If we provide the leading and best education that satisfies students and industries, and achieve the nation's highest employment rate, it is certain that we can wisely overcome the upcoming crisis. Please watch our, DMU's, development and care us constantly with unchanging support as always.

Thank You.