How to apply

  • A. You can apply to all departments of Engineering • Humanities and Social Sciences regardless of your high school department (or major)
  • After application, you can not change application type, day/night, departments nor cancel your application. (However, if obviously not eligible, before the application deadline, you may be change the application type only)

<Personal Information Collection and Use Guidelines>

Our university, for admission business of the "Higher Education Act" Article 35 (admission data), we collect personal information in accordance with the work entrusted pursuant to "Personal Information Protection Law " Article 26, and information follows
  • We consider that our university applicants agree to the personal Information collection and use, and personal information collected will not be disclosed or used for other purposes except admission-related work.
  • You have the right to refuse for collection and use of personal information, and the application can not be accepted if you refuse. Personal Information Collection and Use Objectives: Admission types, admission, registration, tuition payment
- Collection of Personal Information Items: social security number, name, application number, selection of type, the department the applicant applied, high school name and graduation date, the applicant's address and telephone number, e-mail, additional contacts, application fee and tuition refund account

- Period of possession and use of personal information: when personal information become unnecessary, such as after the personal information's holding period, after achievement of processing goal, etc., information should be destroyed without delay
  • Personal information handling matters
Fiduciary Commission Period of consignment of personal information Contact information
Jinhak-sa Announcing successful applicants After charging termination, until the purpose of processing is achieved 02-2093-7890
Kookmin Bank Tuition payment services and information After charging termination, until the purpose of processing is achieved Refer to Bank Homepage

Type of acceptance / admission cancellation

  • Multiple admission and dual enrollment college entrance prohibition principle offender
    - When initial and recruited successful applicants for rolling admission college (Industrial University, College of Education, College included) applied to "regular or additional admissions" in our university or other universities (Industrial University, College of Education, College included)
    ※ Unable to apply regardless of registration intention or acceptance

    - Dual registration in two or more universities for the same semester by having applied by per recruitment
    - If two or more semester to attend the same college recruiting support by registering as a double
    ※ After the end of admission, we search all freshmen's application, pass, and registration condition computationally and check multiple or dual enrollment facts

  • When ineligible applicants applied
  • If applicants did not submit the documents until the due date (including the additional required documents)
  • If passed by submiting false information, forgery, alteration, and using other illegal means
  • If you do not pay tuition fees (including registration confirmation deposit) during the registration period
  • If applicants with a high school graduate certificate did not graduate
  • Other cases where our college entrance Admissions Management Committee decided to cancel or revoke admission pass

Announcement and tuition

  • Announcement
Release date Scheduled at 2014.12.5 (FRI) 16:00
Published method The University Admissions Homepage
Instructions - Be sure to check the wind 's name and student number, hakgwamyeong, date of birth on the printed acceptance letter
- Make sure to check the announcement method in advance
(Telephone Inquiry: DMU Admissions Team 02-2610-5201 ~ 3)
- When initial successful applicants are announced, preliminary passers for each application type, department, and day/night will be announced according to total score
  • Tuition guide
Division Content Note
Payment period Mon 01/26/2015 - Wed 28/01/2015 16:00 Deposit to the given account
- Print college tuition bills and the note for the entrance exam passers at the homepage
- Check your application number and personal information
- Deposit to the individually designated account (virtual account)
- Check whether the tuition is payed at college admissions website or the bank website
Instructions - tuition information is not noted individually, and if you do not pay the tuition until the due date, your admission will be cancelled without any additional contact
- Please check in advance about the payment method, time, and the nearest bank in order to avoid disadvantages related to deposit (Contact: DMU Accounting Team 02-2610-1724 ~ 5)

Application Fee

Typical patients Amount of money Instructions
₩ 30,000 The application can not be canceled after the completion of the application reception and the fee will not be returned However, if after you pay the fee, and the candidate is obviously ineligible, or if the fault is not the candidate's, the application fee can be refunded only before the end of the application reception (commission fee not included)

※ Information in the event of a refund fee balance

After completion of the admission, in the event of balance due to fee income compared to expenses, the candidate fee (excluding application fee receipt)

May be refunded proportionately to the applicants who payed the fee. However, if the bank transfer fee is more than the amount to be returned, then the fee will not be returned

※ Please note that if you did not receive the refund because you entered wrong accounts, you can not receive the refund again.

Admission abandonment and refund

  • If you get into another college or abandon the admission according to personal circumstances, please apply for admission abandonment on our admission website.
  • Admission abandonment, refund methods and procedures

※ Please note that tuitions are non-refundable on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

  • Admission Abandonment Application Deadline: available until 12:00 P.M. Thurs., Feb.26th.2015 and after the deadline, the abandonment will be regarded as a drop out
  • Refund for the drop outs will go by "Rules for the College Tuition.

※ Drop out methods and refund questions: DMU Academic Affairs Team (02-2610-1707)

2014 first semester tuition

Series Admission Fee Tuition Total
Engineering ₩ 820,000 ₩ 3,320,000 ₩ 4,140,000
Humanities and Social Sciences ₩ 820,000 ₩ 3,020,000 ₩ 3,850,000

※ 2015 school year tuition is undecided, and will be announced when confirmed

Other Notes

  • For other cases that are not stated above, our University Admission Type Committee will conduct separately and any cases after admission will be handled by the regulations of our university.
  • If any information such as foreigner registration number, name, etc. in other documents is different from that in the application document, supporting documentation must be accompanied.
  • Please visit the website often to become familiar with the college entrance announcements.